A Data Science Journal

Welcome to my project A data science journal.

Information is everywhere around us: devices, financial markets, social media, live location, energy consumption. Information is in constant growth and change. It is our nature to analyze it constantly and let the conclusions help us understand the environment we live in order to improve it. It’s an endless progression towards betterment.

In a DSJ you will find articles, resources, projects and examples of how to take advantage of the vast world of data.

“science grows by its mu answers more than by its yes or no answer. Yes or no confirms or denies a hypothesis. Mu says the answer is beyond the hypothesis. Mu is the “phenomenon” that inspires scientific inquiry in the first place!”

-The Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

is a japanese word meaning “no thing”.
Represents a refusal to conceptualize issues in terms of dualistic logic (yes/no) and force an individual to step back and broaden their preconceived systems of logic to accommodate different interpretations of reality.

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